I was working with America, mainly because they I guess progressed in The Area of Commercial Cannabis to other nations.

So I had an opportunity to go to America for work. And I went. It was office work. Not business. But during my lunch breaks And after hours. I would run around the streets. And Buy weed. None of the weed I bought in America Was From a Dispensary. It’s not like I got a grow room tour or anything like that. I just ran around the streets and bought weed to see what the hype was about.

I had actually been in proper grow spaces with not just street weed. In Christiana in Copenhagen. Where the dealers were actually at street stalls and served High quality grown herb.

But I don’t know…….if you decide to for example take a certain trekking route. Its to rough…and steep.

I don’t believe in giving up. If something is going to break you before you accomplish it. Sometimes changing approach Is not a bad idea. But if its going to break You. Change approach or give up.

Did you know they reckon 20 – 30 soldiers a day suicide from the US Army. When you are doing something that feels so bad you want to suicide. Free hint. You are doing the wrong thing. So America put it’s blood up against a force that was at least strong enough to challenge them.

I wrote a post recently about my Jnr school. I want you to think about what kind of dude you were in the school ground. Were you the bully. Or did you stop people bullying?

I was always the guy the wound up friends with the quirky people. Thats ok. Sometimes I wished I was the guy that instantly made friends with the cutest girl. Never really worked for me. To be friends with the pretty people I had to put in extra effort and brush my hair and try to look pretty and the such. Too much effort. So id wind up with the quirky people.

It is not such a bad gig. Sometimes if you are guys at the summer dance standing with all the odd bods, you want to be with the pretty people. Odd bods have benefits also.

So I want you to think about Afghanistan and I want you to think about it as a bit of a weed garden. Not an ideal analogy to start with for the sake of international relations. Agree?

But roll with me. In fact Ill use the opportunity to get some alternate bitches beefin. When I was in Japan, a Japanese woman who was in my language class told me that Thai women were like the thorn of a Rose. As in. They were part of something pretty, but the part that can hurt you. That Thai women have a bit of bite. Maybe now we can get to watch Thai women go to battle against Japanese women? Maybe more fun than watching meatheads with machine guns in Afghanistan?

But with Afghanistan go with weed garden. It seems very similar to Australia to me in terms of composition. A small nation of roughly under 30 million people and a bunch of different cultures. That just sounds like Australia and what it sound like is WE SHOULD REALLY BE GETTING ALONG. Or maybe a better way of saying it. No Kalishnakov Required.

It can be an extra burden or an extra weight being friends with the odd bods in the class room. But Sometimes that weight pays dividends. Don’t you feel like all of your most cherished friends come from unexpected places and don’t feel like some of them you felt were odd bods??

So Afghanistan is like a weed garden with a bunch of Venus fly traps in it. If you poke them the wrong way. They will chomp you. Fair play.

The Actual reward for us in being friends with them. Is demonstrating to the world that we are big enough to be that. That our brains are big enough to comprehend humanity and all of its complex beliefs and ways. It is a weight and a burden. It is more time consuming. We could just as easily let a bunch of smelly Americans harass them with humvees until the end of time.

Whats the reward? What do we get? Well most asian cultures are intricate and complex. I think our relationship with Asia will become more open and more trusting. You don’t want to go into a business meeting in a corporate office being the nation of knob heads runnin round like Sly Stalone playing full metal jacket projectile play. Nobody wants that in their nation. We are not going to be the nation bringing it. We have better things on our mind. We have better things we want to accomplish.

So lets appreciate it’s a nation of peoples with their own complex beliefs and practices. We fucked up when we set foot in it with armaments. It wasn’t wrong to give America the a-hole and say. Let’s be friends with Afghanistan. I think we all know. That in the school yard. It is the bigger person that can say. Hey let’s not pick on the odd bod and give them a hard time. Let’s all try and get along a make the best of the situation.

So I don’t have any regrets giving America the A-Hole for Afghanistan. When America Prove they know how to conduct themselves as civil beings in foreign lands. Maybe they will gain the grace that will allow their presence to remain there. Not be forcibly removed.

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