When we look out to the world sometimes we direct our attention to particular nations. This nation is doing X wrong. That nations is doing Y right.

But we all know that the world is more complex than that. People are connected in ways and influence in ways that are intricate and complex.

News in Australia for example that Tesla is mass manufacturing vehicles in China, for the Chinese Market and presumably for export is of Extreme Concern for the people of Australia and the People of England, Ireland and Scotland.

I as an individual have already seen deep occult confirmation in our press that Tesla is a company who have failed in their ventures in Australia. I have already seen communications from Chinese People that they feel that the technology is problematic for young generations.

The People of Australia are wise enough to Understand that China has a deep, long history trading with all the nations between Australia and China. If China is going to succeed with building close relationships with Australia. When we express concern about certain technology we expect to see Action.

China is not the only nation we have called to account on this Issue. You would think that Germany a nation with deep histories in the Automobile Industry would have taken more direct positions against companies entering Europe named after a death god.

Failure for the Australian people to see Progress on this issue out of the nation of China and media reports from China as far as who that nations sees fit to collaborate with may Result in China Being Curtailed in using other critical Infrastructure in Australia such as the Stuart Highway.

In Summary Tesla is a corporation who I have already personally confirmed intended to use their technology as weaponised technology against people in our lands. The response to all such conduct with in Any corporation needs to be swift and aggressive. We expect to see a swift and decisive response against Tesla from China, as do we expect to see from all other nations.

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