So I worked in Japan for about 5 years. Just for Fun, Travel, Career I guess. It was a good time.

I have an interest in Japanese Culture. When I studied in Sweden I got in trouble because I was too much of a Drunk and didn’t study the language hard enough. So in Japan, I don’t know what happened. It very well might have been the Girlfriend, but I think I probably got into studying a bit before I met her.

Thats all nice about Japan. The Culture, the landscape and the intricacy of how they do things.

But one thing I want to Convey. Im really writing this post for you as a foreigner in Japan. Im not going to go back start telling individual stories about my travels. But yes you are there to learn from them. Yes it is an intricate complex culture. But put it this way. If you are a christian European gaijin in Japan. We are teaching them what they call ‘The Language Of Angels’. Thats English. Lots of people speak it. We are not all of the same blood.

So if you are going there and they are paying you. Well they are paying you what they are telling you they are paying you. No questions about it. A few times I ended up in situations where they tell you the deal in the Job interview and the deal changes. Thats bullshit, don’t let Japanese People Hustle you like that. Don’t let it happen in Korea either it’s meant to be worse there. In our Culture if you go to an interview and you don’t have a deal, you don’t have a deal. Its that simple.

Take from the culture. Soak it up. And bring home a pair of toe socks. But Don’t suck their dick. It’s only one culture. No culture really respects you if you suck their dick blindly. So feel free to challenge them. I know heaps about Japanese Culture because I sat in classrooms with Japanese 5 Days a week. I went into their lands. I taught their children with care. I still have all the photos. They decided to Suck the dick of a Jewish Cursing cult and lie to the world in an almost war like act. What could drive people to such stupidity? I took from my time in Japan one of my most cherished skills. Being a teacher.

Where this photo was taken I had a Job not far from here. Before I started the Job. A woman told how much the company lied to her. And they put her into debt. So I got out there. And gave it a few weeks. And sure as shit. The Japanese Business People Started Lying to me. Things I was going to get paid. I wasn’t. So I just said Fuck. These are some lying little yellow belly J Faggots. Wonder what the translation is on that one.

It’s a cultural exchange. I gave them as much as I could. I wasn’t always the coolest teacher. My lessons weren’t always the most interesting. But I tried to give them something.

I often also find in life. If you flip shit in one place and move on – you meet really good people in the next. Sometimes the negative energy in one quarter sends you a different way.

By the time I was finished about Japan I Kind of say to myself now ‘I get Japanese people.’ – I Don’t say the same of Thai’s yet.

But Travel in Japan, Learn the Culture, Appreciate the Opportunity. But if there is funny buggers. If they go putting you in boxes. Don’t feel bad about Breaking a J Box or two. The universe is a funny place. That energy of putting people in Boxes. It doesn’t work in the long run. It back fires in Strange ways.

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