This is a nice story. One that taught me something about human nature.

We were in Nepal on a Bus. On the way into Tibet. All of a sudden the bus stopped. We all had to get out.

I probably got a bit uneasy and started to look for answers. What was happening?

The story we got was. That the locals were protesting. Because someone had diverted their river.

They were stealing their river water, so they blocked the roads and were armed.

So we had to get off one bus, walk 15 minutes and get on another.

This scenario taught me. Humans conflict everywhere. You wouldn’t believe me saying but I don’t look for conflict in my life.

But in trying to create and change things. Conflict happens.

The Chinese people were being nice. And then through my work and experience. It comes to like “That multi billion dollar factory they are building in your lands……gonna have to close it”

Different Conversation.

Different Response.

I don’t have any desire to and do not take any pleasure from putting any particular persons in positions of financial strain.

But needless to say.

If any factory in China. Japan. Korea or any other asian nation.

Can be connected to harms in our lands. We need fast. Authentic. Responses.

There is just no other way to do it.

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